General terms and conditions for hourly rates

- To use this service the project / client must be previously authorized by Axioma

- The price per hour will be agreed on a project / client basis

- The minimum number of hours per package / list is 2

- By package / list, an additional hour is always counted corresponding to administrative costs. (In other words, the total is hours + 1, and the minimum is 2 + 1)

- For each package / list a quote with the necessary number of hours is necessary (that is, a request is sent >> we respond with the number of hours per item and the total delivery time)

- The execution time of each package / list is defined at the time of "quote" the number of hours

- Delivery times are counted from the business day following the acceptance of the budget / hours (by mail is sufficient, purchase order when applicable)

- The execution time of each package / list is not necessarily the number of hours (that is, if it is 8 hours the delivery is not on a business day)

- It is possible to agree on a single monthly payment, to avoid microtransactions. This payment includes all packages / lists of the month quoted and accepted

- It assumes a certain level of technical knowledge on the part of the client, jobs that are not merely execution and require design / planning cannot be quoted for hours.

- The requirements must be punctual and precise. They must include detailed instructions of what is wanted, without a doubt. This point is particularly important because when quoting for hours, only execution is assumed. Strategy and definition are not part of the scope. (Example, not a valid requirement: Put this image in the home | Example valid requirement: Put this image in the home, below the initial banner and above the text XYZ. The banner must be manageable from the admin console).

- In the case of starting new packages / lists during a sprint, the days / time of development will not run in parallel but will be added together. That is, they move on to the next Sprint.

- The hourly prices are maintained until a notification is sent by mail with the new values ​​or the cancellation of the proposal by the hour.

- In case of change of value per hour, the accepted quotes will maintain the value that was in force on the date of approval

- Axioma reserves the right to cancel the proposal for hours at any time

- In case of cancellation of the proposal by hours, the agreed conditions will be finalized

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